Tuesday, March 5, 2013

President Obama and his adminastration

The citizens of the United States Of America are being taken advantage of and played out by our so called leaders?! What are they thinking giving away our money to Egypt?..Why is it OK for them to give over $250,000,000. yes that's right! 250 million!!!! we are broke and in debt but we have $ to give away and tanks and jet planes!.. what the hell!!! I hope you are angry? I am!! I can barely feed my family and the rich fat cats are giving our money away!!..HEY!!..OBAMA AND ALL OTHER POLITICIANS.. STOP IT!! STOP RIGHT NOW!! you really should not have the right to give all billions of dollars you give away every year!..I don't give or loan money unless all my bills are payed and I have some extra saved! why is it or should it be any different for you..the govt.?

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