Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Holy crap America! President Obama scares the hell out of me! and he should you too! He should be impeached! He should be brought up on charges of treason! Everything he does..every decision He makes..All his lies..All aim towards the USA going in the shitter!!!!!, Does anyone else see this? of course you do! We all do! we need to do something about it! or how bout our politician? are there any with a set on them?the time for being politically correct is over! just be correct! your our representatives! represent!..remember..for the people, by the people, of the people! other countries are saying we are not a super power any more!..I say bullshit! but if we keep going the way we are going, who knows? Make Obama accountable! take back the USA!!!

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

President Obama and his adminastration

The citizens of the United States Of America are being taken advantage of and played out by our so called leaders?! What are they thinking giving away our money to Egypt?..Why is it OK for them to give over $250,000,000. yes that's right! 250 million!!!! we are broke and in debt but we have $ to give away and tanks and jet planes!.. what the hell!!! I hope you are angry? I am!! I can barely feed my family and the rich fat cats are giving our money away!!..HEY!!..OBAMA AND ALL OTHER POLITICIANS.. STOP IT!! STOP RIGHT NOW!! you really should not have the right to give all billions of dollars you give away every year!..I don't give or loan money unless all my bills are payed and I have some extra saved! why is it or should it be any different for you..the govt.?

Sunday, February 3, 2013

so....the Super Bowl was exciting!..that being said, the half time show with it's stripper act in leather lingerie was a prime example of why the U.S. is in the crapper! and why our children have no respect for human life or authority! guns haven't changed in the last forty years but America has! In today's society its OK to do what ever makes you happy! even if its wrong! We as Americans need to bring back the family values of yesteryear and teach respect, discipline, and good behavior to our children! I already do! I urge you too do the same! Please!!!! the rest will fix it self ! God bless America!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

President Obama...please just stop talking!?..You are not qualified to put down the NFL or football of any kind!..I guess you want to make football illegal as well as guns and the freedom of having or not having health insurance! stick to politics!, better yet!..don't!. little by little you are taking away our rights that our four fathers fought for and turning the USA into China!!!(communism),by the way..all the statistics and research show that violent crimes w/ guns have not gone up since the ban on assault rifles was lifted! actually the have gone down and most of them were with hand guns not assault rifles! I'm beginning to think you want weakened American citizens!gee..why would you want that?..think about it?

Thursday, January 17, 2013 we go again with the anti gun law's made by an supported by ignorant and or scared people who don't know or remember American history and the reason for the declaration of Independence, the constitution, and the revolutionary war!!!. what happened in sandy hook was dreadful beyond words! I'm a parent and when ever a child is hurt or killed it breaks my heart!.I prey for the parents of those children!...that being said! guns didn't kill them.. a crazy nut job did!!! , the most people ever killed in a school was 42 ( I think!.. maybe 44) and they were also killed by a crazy nut job! he however used a bomb! not a gun! and you can buy what you need to make one at a hardware store! or even a mart or food store!!!. The government is for the people and by the people and the people (USA citizens)need to and must always be able to defend themselves against an invader or corrupt govt. !!! we must always have the capability to have a militia to defend our families and country!!the best country ever!! the United States of America!!!!!!!GOD bless the USA!!!!..and Semper Fi!!