Monday, March 12, 2012

Wake Up America are you?..I hope you are well!,  I am good !, this country however is not!!! President Obama does'nt have a clue!, but its not all his fault....all the polititions and game changers are also to blame! They all need to stop being selfish! If the people that run and control this country don't stop giving  everything away like our (the people) rights, our money, and the constitution,which we as Americans should protect at all costs!So all you fat cats and polititions..stop being selfish and greedy for power and $ money and start to make decisions which will protect our rights and our children's rights so there is still an America for our children and great grand children and so forth!!!!!..please,please Wake the F***k up! and be a patriot!!  a hero to and of the poeple!!!...We want to believe you, we really do but you guys have to show us something! We are not as dumb as you have been treating us,..we pay attention and we are really mad! We just don't know what to do!! dont make us go all ....well you know!? there was once a revolution in this country, know...the one were the people were tired of the king taking all their money in taxes and not caring about their human rights !!!sound familiar? It should! Cause it's the same thing that's happening now!.. We must protect our constitution!, our borders!, our people! our rights!, our way of life!...please don't give it away!..We are the youngest major power country in the world!..only about 236 years old! That's not long compared to all the countries in history that rose and ruled with great power only to fall!...but we don't need to fall!,..we have the Constitution of the United States of America!!! which our forefathers fought and died for! but most people take for granted! I do not!!!..WAKE UP AMERICA!...WAKE UP!! GOD BLESS THE USA!!                                                                          

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