Thursday, January 17, 2013 we go again with the anti gun law's made by an supported by ignorant and or scared people who don't know or remember American history and the reason for the declaration of Independence, the constitution, and the revolutionary war!!!. what happened in sandy hook was dreadful beyond words! I'm a parent and when ever a child is hurt or killed it breaks my heart!.I prey for the parents of those children!...that being said! guns didn't kill them.. a crazy nut job did!!! , the most people ever killed in a school was 42 ( I think!.. maybe 44) and they were also killed by a crazy nut job! he however used a bomb! not a gun! and you can buy what you need to make one at a hardware store! or even a mart or food store!!!. The government is for the people and by the people and the people (USA citizens)need to and must always be able to defend themselves against an invader or corrupt govt. !!! we must always have the capability to have a militia to defend our families and country!!the best country ever!! the United States of America!!!!!!!GOD bless the USA!!!!..and Semper Fi!!

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